xoxo, sara

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had a teacher who had us all write a letter to ourselves, which he then sent us in the mail exactly one year later. I don't have the letter anymore, but I do remember that it was very long (some things never change). He had asked us to write about what we wished for ourselves for the future. Apparently, my main concerns at age 15 were my five best girlfriends (three of them are still my best friends today ... amazing), getting a car (oh Cabrio, I miss you) and never-ending love from Chris Holcomb. ( I was boy crazy. Once again, some things never change.)

Freeman and I freshman year.

Sure, I didn't exactly wrap my bleached blond head around the meaning of the assignment at the time, but those truly were the most important things in my life then. And now, I have to opportunity to do it all again, courtesy of Future Me. I have to admit, though, it's kind of scary. Although it all seems pretty shallow now, in a way, I was much more certain about what I wanted out of life eleven years ago than I do today. Who knows what my life will be like in a year ... or two .... or ten (you can even have your email sent back to you in 30 years). I imagine it could be a little unnerving to be blindsided by an email from yourself. I know I can be pretty unforgiving when I'm disappointed in something, and I'd hate to have to lay the smack down on myself for letting, well, me down.

Powder Puff Football: More about the outfits than the game.

So, I think I'll keep it light for now. And probably a little vague, too. Wish myself happiness, health and a little excitement. And, of course, lots of love. Because, yeah, Chris Holcomb may have come and gone, but I wound up with the best boy in the end — something I know would make my 15 year-old self very proud.

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