cheers to the birthday girl!

In my little group of DC friends, Miss Slizz is the second youngest, and today the little baby girl turns 26. As discussed with Liz this morning, our birthday celebrations aren't exactly what they used to be a few years ago. Cans of Sparks have been replaced by vodka tonics and white wine; Sunday brunches and weeknight dinners have taken the place of 7-11 hot dogs and Lost Dog binges; and coffee table-top dance parties are all but extinct. It's sad, but true.

But, thankfully, we always have the memories of days gone by and, if we're really lucky, we have the pictures to prove it. I thought of including one of my favorite pictures of Liz at Foxfields circa 2005, but in lieu of posting anything too embarrassing, let's just say that I, along with your good friend Jack D., wish you a very happy birthday, Liz.

Love you.

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