christmas eve 2008 in photos

Thanks to a little 24-hour barf fest that I've lovingly dubbed "Scrooge's Revenge," Christmas Day was pretty much a bust for me this year. But, that's why I'm so happy that Christmas Eve is actually my favorite day of the year! And this year's Christmas Eve, my friends, was pretty close to perfect. The day started with champagne toasts with my fave co-workers and ended with Love Actually at Casa de Scott. And, of course, smack in the middle of all the festivities was the Beckmans' annual holiday party, which was, as always, spectacular.

The Freeman women, looking festive.

The always-put-together Molls. And Anson, looking extra spikey.

Photo shoot. You better work.

The host passing out his holiday peppermint shnapps. Don't mind if I do.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Ted showed up.
Praise the lord, I can die a happy woman now.

The kids of Franklin Glen, best neighborhood ever.

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