Dear readers....

I need your help.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with the blogosphere. The personal stories, the recipes, the inspiration — I love it all. But what I love the most are the photos that people post. And, these days, it seems like people's personal pics are becoming more beautiful, clear and, of course, so creative.

So, in an effort to keep up and start taking our own flawless photos, we're looking for a new camera. With that said, we know absolutely nothing about the topic, so I'm looking to you for advice. We're looking for something more sophisticated than your typical point-and-shoot digital camera, but, obviously, I don't need to be carting around a fancy $2,000 SLR that I don't even know how to operate.

Any advice on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

xo sara


Anonymous said...

I have a Canon Rebel xti digital (SLR). I think we paid around $500. Not cheap, but worth every penny. It's fantastically easy to use and I think the quality of pictures is incredible. I love it.

Go on cnet.com and look @ all their reviews...that's what helped me the most when I was looking for a new camera. One camera I looked at and almost got was the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50. It's a bit less expensive, I think.

Clare said...

I have what's known as a mini SLR, which is kind of an automatic/SLR hybrid--much cheaper than the pro-level SLRs, but still takes great pictures. (In fact, it takes such great pictures in auto mode that I never use the SLR functions!) It's not terribly bulky, either--it will fit inside a medium-sized purse. I take it on all of my work trips, and the image quality is good enough to print in the magazine. Several manufacturers make comparable models; mine is the older version of the Fuji S2000.

Clare said...

Forgot to add: Definitely look for a model with a good optical zoom and a quick reaction time...those are both great features on my camera that I couldn't live without!