Jill, I love you so and I always will.....

Well, it's official — the baby girl is finally 26 years old!

When I sit here and think about Jill, I can come up with about 43,879 reasons why I'm completely head-over-heels obsessed with the girl (and that's without even asking for Anson's input), but I'll save that list for another day. Instead, in honor of her big day, I'd just like to say (at the risk of sounding like a complete cheese ball) that Jill is one of those people that I really strive to be more like. As my mom always says, there's a lot to be said for just "showing up" and Jill understands this concept. Whether it's heading out for a birthday extravaganza or bachelorette weekend ... or giving an impromptu walking tour around Manhattan ... or running a marathon in the pouring rain, Jill will always, always, always be there. And she'll look beautiful ... and she'll smile and sing ... and she'll bop around ... and she'll stay until the very end. And I love that about her.

Happy (belated) birthday, my little chickadee.

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