let there be lights

Every girl has their deal breaker. You know, that one thing that a guy does, or wears, or says that just turns you off and you know right then and there that you're simply not compatible. For some girls it's what kind of car he drives, or maybe you have a little Charlotte York in you and you have a strong aversion to being presented with filler flowers. For me, it was Christmas lights. Yep, in high school or college, when I'd first start talking to a guy, I'd make it a point to casually ask them what kind of Christmas lights he preferred. Do you like colored lights? Or perhaps white is more your style? What's that you say? You're Jewish and you don't really care? Well, why don't you just pick one? Thanks.

From his answer, I quickly knew if there was any potential for long-range likeability (yes, that's right, I just quoted My Best Friend's Wedding again). If his answer was white, he was a goner. Uh, buh bye. Hasta la vista. Boring, party of one, your table is now available. But, if he said he liked colored lights, he was getting warmer. And then the clincher: What were his thoughts on what I lovingly refer to as 'ghetto lights'? You know, the throwback glass bulbs that get super hot and can shatter at the blink of an eye? (Seriously, nothing says "Happy Holidays" like first-degree burns and stitches, right?) If he had no objection to willingly creating a fire hazard in his place of residence in the name of Christmas, I was in love.

Anywho, the point of this story is that I take Christmas decor very, very, very seriously. And, although I consider myself to be a pretty fly-under-the-radar kind of gal most of the time, when it comes time to decorate, my motto is definitely "Go big or go home." Lights outlining every doorway and window? Of course. Movable snowmen and carolers decorating the yard? You bet. A lifesize Santa and reindeer perched on the roof? Yes, please.

Because of this wee obsession, you can imagine my excitement when I pulled up to my parents' house last week to find the place just oozing with holiday cheer....

Dedicated to the cause, my mom opted for garland complete with lights that blink. Classy.

Oh, Christmas tree...we wish you safety this holiday season and
protection from puppies who like to demolish ornaments.

Damn, that mantle looks gooooood.

Some help these girls were.

So pretty, Mom. Love it. Oh — and pictures of our Charlie Brown tree to follow...

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