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Introducing one of my true kindred spirits, the lovely Katie B.

I still remember the day I met Katie way back in August 2000. It was during sorority rush (see photo below for our spot-on impersonation of ADPi rush lineups) and we were sitting outside one of the houses waiting to go in. We had only been in Gainesville for a few days at the time, so, yeah, I had absolutely no friends and was sitting alone, cursing the fire ants that were nibbling on my toes, the humidity-induced helmet hair I was sporting and, of course, the mass amount of sweat that was causing my thighs to stick to the plastic chair I was sitting on. The weather was hot. I, on the other hand, was anything but.

We're bringing rush lines back.

Anywho….I remember glancing over at Katie and no
ticing how pretty she was. Ivory skin, perfectly flushed cheeks, lips that looked like she’d been sipping on a watermelon wine cooler all day—just adorable. And then, the clincher: she was carrying a backpack. Not a Vera Bradley purse … or a Coach wristlet … or a monogrammed tote, but a bright red backpack. It was at this moment that I fell in love with Katie. I mean, who carts a big-ass North Face backpack during sorority rush? Um, that’s right, cool girls do. I knew right then that me (and my beloved Eagle Creek backpack) were in luck; I had found my first Florida friend.

Now, eight years later, Katie is still one of my dearest friends. And, as it turns out, we have a lot more in common than our shared love for REI-inspired accessories. For one, we’re both magazine editors, living with our dogs and the men who love us. She’s obsessed with Wes Anderson flicks; so am I. I’ve long had a soft spot for lovesick musicians; she practically introduced me to the breed. Cupcakes? Yes and yes. Even our taste in boys seemed to cross paths from time to time. (I won’t name names, but you know who I’m talking about, KB.)

To put it simply, I just adore everything about her. And I think you will, too.

Why did you start your blog, Amuse Bouche?

I wanted to show my friends how simple, quick, and easy good cooking can be.

What is your favorite food to eat at home?
Roast chicken or enchiladas – total comfort food!

What is your favorite restaurant?

Ooooh, this is tough. But if I had to choose, I’d say my top three right now are The Ravenous Pig, in Winter Park, Florida; Fish Market, in Birmingham; and Chez Lulu, also in Birmingham.

If you could change careers without any consequences or financial loss, what would you be?

I would be the owner of a little sandwich and coffee shop with mismatched chairs and dishes, wine nights, and cool music playing all the time.

What are you listening to these days?

I’ve been keeping these on heavy rotation recently: Tony Bennett’s “A Swingin Christmas,” Billie the Vision and the Dancers’ “The World According to Pablo” (Download this album immediately. You won’t be sorry.), Ray LaMontagne’s “Gossip in the Grain,” and—not gonna lie—David Archuleta’s creatively titled debut “David Archuleta.”

Beauty product you couldn’t live without?

Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion, SPF 30. And self-tanner to make my protected-from-the-sun face less pasty white.

What scares you?
Losing people close to me and ghost stories.

What’s the one thing you’ll never understand?
How so many people can live without ever thinking about the feelings, experiences, or plights of others.

The best decision I ever made was…

This might sound hokey, but the best decision I ever made was to not let past experiences and decisions negatively affect the way I live my life.

What do you love most about Jason (her awesome fiancé)?

His superhuman patience and the way he constantly reminds me, in small and big ways, how much he cares about me.

What do you like most about yourself?

My passion, and my ability to feel things deeply, whether happy or sad.

What do you hope for your life in five years?
I hope to be blissfully married (maybe with a child), satisfied by my past accomplishments, and excited by the possibilities in front of us.

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Kristin said...

I heart KB. Had the very distinct pleasure of her company this weekend before and during the SEC Championship, and it was wonderful! :)