Best Week Ever: Inauguration 2009

Forget CNN; just tune in here for full Inauguration 2009 coverage. First stop: 'We Are One' concert at the Lincoln Memorial — best 15 hours ever.

Oh hey, Barack. Fancy meeting you here.

Just 400,000 of our closest friends.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the title "Mall Security," doesn't it?

Make yourself comfortable, J.

Once a fashion plate, always a fashion plate.

Not a bad view, huh?

Best shot of the day, taken by our very own field reporter, Anson Brown.


KTorg said...

Great coverage!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to squish your dad's cheeks. I heart him! I am so jealous you went to the amazing concert. Send Barack lots of love from me, since you're geographically so close to him. xoxo