hello gorgeous

Meet my Rastafarian puppy, Winnie Cooper:

As you can see, she’s the proud owner of dreadlocks that like to fall out in clumps on a regular basis. She also enjoys rubbing up against every piece of furniture we own and fancies collecting toilet paper, Goldfish crackers and mulch in her beard. Oh, and she also likes to spontaneously puke indoors. Lovely.

Because of these things, I won't be the proud owner of my very own pristine, beach-inspired abode for quite some time. I’m sorry to say that white slip-covered sofas from Pottery Barn are not in my near future. Powder blue striped Dhurrie rugs sprawled over hardwood floors? Not gonna happen. And the dream of glorious mattelaise bedding in buttercreams and ivories will sadly never become a reality—at least not anytime soon.

Le sigh.

So, in an effort to simultaneously swoon and torture myself, I’ve been partaking in the eye candy that is the Hamptons haven from Something’s Gotta Give. Isn’t it just heaven?

Photos courtesy of AD.

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