As mentioned before, I'm a shameless copycat. In fact, just this morning I've already decided I'm going to completely rip off Rachel's outfit that she's wearing today. Thanks for the inspiration, Rach! Smooches.

Anywho .... in true copycat form, I've decided to post my resolutions for 2009, much like Jordan and Brooke. Some of them are simple ... some are a bit more serious. Either way, I vow to stick to as many as possible.
  • Cook more/plan meals for the week
  • Hike Old Rag
  • Learn to knit
  • Run a 10-mile race
  • Floss more
  • Go to a summer concert
  • Take Winnie for longer walks
  • Make the bed every morning
  • Read 20 books
  • Send just-because cards (some of you dolls will be the recipients of these)
  • Go on a date with Anson at least every other week
  • Put lotion on every morning
  • Be more adventurous with my outfits
  • Write 5 freelance stories
  • Visit Niagara Falls and/or the Grand Canyon
  • Do one out-of-my-way nice thing every day


Clare said...

I'm totally copying Rachel's outfit, too. Who's up for Dress Like Rachel Tuesdays?!

Also, I can totally teach you how to knit...just let me know when you want to learn. (Knitting Mondays? We're running out of days, what with Beer Fridays and Cookie Wednesdays...plus, Rach and I decided this morning that Movie Thursdays would be a good idea.)

Rachel said...

i love that you love my outfit. i really have been thinking about it for weeks. i can't wait to see the new incarnations! (do the army 10 miler - it's really easy, especially if you're training for the marine corps marathon right after)...