to katie, on her birthday

If someone would’ve told me in first grade that 21 years later I’d still be celebrating birthdays with Katie, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. I mean, duh. If there’s one thing I’ve always known for sure it’s that Katie and I were destined for friendship greatness.

In the nearly 8,000 days that I’ve known Katie, I’ve learned a lot about her. What are some of those things, you ask? In honor of her 27th birthday, I’ll share just a few things about Miss Fagan that you may not know.

1. Boys love Katie. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. Younger brothers, European men, NV Pools workers—her charm knows no boundaries.

2. The girl hates onions. Like, she’ll actually start to gag if she so much as imagines that there may be one in her mouth. McDonalds’s cheeseburgers? No thanks. Chunky salsa? Seriously, get the barf bag ready.

3. When we went to see NSync in high school, Katie peed in her pants a little bit. And it was awesome.

4. Performing is her passion. It all started back in elementary school when
Troop Beverly Hills took up permanent residence in my family’s VCR. I clearly remember Katie in my living room, pumpin’ her legs Tina Turner-style to “Cookie Time” and belting out every ... single ... word. She also blew the competition out of the water at the Franklin Players auditions in 7th grade. Oh how I wish her alter ego, Priscilla, would come back for one final farewell performance. Priscilla! Priscilla! Priscilla! (Imagine me fist pumping in my office right now.)

5. The girl makes a mean quesadilla and has perfected the art of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. Heaven on a plate.

6. Katie is the girl that all girls want to be like and all mothers love. She’s beautiful, artistic, organized, thoughtful, crafty, fashionable and incredibly personable. Plus, she has the most adorable handwriting you’ve ever seen. Seriously, it should be a font.

Basically, she’s the best. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s practically perfect in every way. Happy birthday, sugar! Enjoy every second of it.


Janet said...

Katie is the girl that this mother totally loves. Always have. Always will. Happy Birthday! xoxoxox

katie said...

i don't think i said 'thank you' for this, miss brown. you are and always will be the greatest best friend a girl could ever find. don't forget it. xxoo