california girls

Have any of you noticed that the blogging world is a bit like middle school? I swear, there are the cool blog girls and the girls that want to be cool blog girls. Unfortunately, I would fall into the latter group.

So, from what I've gathered, there seems to be four steps one has to take to achieve blogosphere popularity:

1. Move to San Francisco, the land of flower headbands, bicycles, Sunday brunches and naturally darling women with bangs.

2. Marry/date a guy with a beard. After you've nabbed said man with beard, buy him a "Beards not Bombs" t-shirt and take a ridiculously high-quality photo of him wearing it. This leads me to...

3. Be ridiculously amazing at taking pictures. Like, borderline professional photographer. This is crucial. Point-and-shoot photos simply won't do.

4. Get crafty. Like, show Martha Stewart a thing or two. Refinish furniture, design dinner party invitations and use balloons whenever possible. Once you've mastered your craft, open your own Etsy shop.

I'm on it.

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