how to have the perfect birthday

Sleep in. Then wake up to the most delicious breakfast ever: German pancakes, orange juice and extra-crispy bacon. Sit on the couch for a little bit before opening presents and eating mass amounts of peanut M&Ms.

Get dressed in something pink. Drive your puppy to the dog park so she can have a ball stealing other dog's toys and plowing into strangers. After she's thoroughly filthy, drive to the mall for a little cheeseburger and a little Paul Rudd.

Swoon. Laugh your ass off. Swoon a little more.

And just in case you haven't consumed enough, finish the day off at 31 Flavors for a little 2-for-1 sundae action. Pile on the peanut butter cups, hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles.

Smooch your hubby.
Count your lucky stars.
Fall asleep excited for what year 28 has in store.


Anonymous said...

yayyyy, sounds like the most absolutely flawlessly perfect day! You deserve it :) Love you, sweet friend!

Newly Nalevanko said...

and what about twilight? did you watch :)

kevin fitz said...

Just pondering the web, found your blog... Happy belated birthday. It looks like you know how to celebrate!