simple pleasure: snow days

Last night, when I climbed into bed it looked like this outside:

Because of this, I drifted off to sleep with visions of movie marathons on the couch and oversized mugs of tea dancing through my head. Ah yes, it was going to be such a sweet little snow day.

But, alas, my winter wonderland dream did not come true. In fact, in the almost five years that I've been at my job, the promise of a snow day has never once delivered. While all the kids are kept home for days to sled and build snowmen and have their own movie marathons, I'm braving the ice and snow and ever-so-popular "wintry mix," trying not to—you guessed it—punch myself in the face. I ask you, Fairfax County: Why is it that the safety of your school employees and students is far more important than the rest of us? Not closing government offices and leaving us to slip and slide all over northern Virginia kind of makes you look like an ass, doesn't it? Yep. I thought so.

Anywho....even though I so didn't want to get out of my warm bed this morning, today turned out to be a pretty great snow day in the end. First of all, when the weather outside is frightful, I'm always proud of myself for arriving at my final destination without plowing into a parked car (in this case, that was me almost side swiping Anson's car this morning)...or sliding through a stoplight into oncoming traffic...or falling face first into the slush while chasing after my disobedient (yet surprisingly fast) mutt of a dog. So, considering the fact that the day has come to an end and I'm dry and I haven't injured myself or anyone else, I'd say today was a great success. I ain't afraid of no snow!

I was also lucky enough to partake in one of the world's true culinary delights this afternoon: Costco hotdogs. Seriously girls, run (do not walk) to your neighborhood wholesale warehouse and try this treat immediately. Buy a membership if you have to. For a buck fifty, you get a delicious hot dog and a big soda, with all the free refills your heart desires. It's so, so, so good, and Jilian from The Bachelor would be so proud!

And speaking of The Bachelor, this gem of a program truly topped off my Monday. It was dramatic and embarassing and tacky and ridiculous—all at the same time. Honestly, I think I was hiding behind a pillow for 2/3 of the show. I have a difficult time watching awkward situations and this, my friends, was uncomfortable television at its finest. Did any of you watch it? Thoughts?

So, yes, it was a good day. And you know what? I kind of knew it was going to be from the beginning. After all, when you peek out your window at 6:15 am to catch a glimpse of your husband, in a full-on blizzard, digging your car out of the snow, what could be sweeter?


Katie said...

oh my, yes, i too was having visceral, physical reactions to the Bachelor finale! Every awkward moment had my stomach in a twist.

I, as a huge fan of hot dogs, need to try one from costco, for sure! I think I'll use up all our paper towels this week so I have an excuse to go on Saturday :)


Clare said...

I, too, awoke yesterday to find my significant other digging my car out of the snow, but that's when I threw on a coat and rushed outside to say, "What are you doing? There's no way I'm going in to work today!" Because seriously, Beltway + rush hour + snow? I would've spent half the day trying to get there. Plus, since I came in on the last snow day when almost everyone else stayed home (except you, of course, you little trooper!), I figured I deserved the opportunity for a lunchtime sledding break. I hope you will draw the same conclusion next time it snows!