so long, February!

On a random note, how pumped are you that Jillian is going to be The Bachelorette?!? Praise the lord and pass the mustard! My prayers have been answered. I sure hope the Ogopogo Monster makes a guest appearance next season.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog: Hasta la vista, worst month of the year! I couldn't be happier to see you go, but before I forget you and your 28 days of dreariness, I need to acknowledge two absolutely fabulous February 09 events that I failed to share with you. First up....the official start to Poppops Follmer's 80th year!

Nothing says "party" like a plaid button down.

The food was awesome. This picture, on the other hand, is not.

Lemon cake and Lu. Life is good.

Next up: Penn State THON 2009. As I mentioned last year, THON is a 46-hour dance marathon where thousands of students stand for 46 hours straight after working all year to raise millions of dollars for kids with cancer before not sitting down for 46 hours. Did I mention it's 46 hours? Seriously, the university should make bumper stickers that read "Penn State: Making other people feel like slackers since 1855." Lucky for me, I'm used to feeling mediocre, so these overachievers didn't phase me in the least!

JoePa and his loyal followers.

Luke & Abby. I'm not sure how Abby gussied up this picture, but it seems to be all the rage on Facebook these days. Crazy kids with their technology.

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Gregory said...

I couldn't agree more. Your Poppops is the GREATEST! Consider me another in his huge list of fans. Sorry I couldn't make the event. However, had I known there would be hats. Oh well.

Congrats to Luke and his fellow Lions. Job well done. We are . . . . . PENN STATE!