here's to us

I wish for a place
where the earth doesn't shake
If the earth wont be still,
then I will

And my friends can be my family
And they can be my company
And I'll take them to a party and
we'll have fun

–Lisa Loeb

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for slide shows. Sweet songs mixed with old photos and memories….honestly, I get choked up just thinking about it. It's because of this that one of my most vivid memories of college is watching the slide shows during sorority rush week my freshman year. With a lump in my throat, I sat quietly, watching through blurry eyes, trying not to lose it in a room full of 200 strangers. For an 18-year-old girl who had left her family and her best friends behind just a week before, sitting through ten minutes of smiling faces while Lisa Loeb sang in the background was a really hard thing to do.

But, little did I know that just a few days later, I’d meet a new group of friends; a group of girls that would be there to drink beers with in the middle of the afternoon and dance with late at night. Girls that would bring me McAllister’s soup when I got strep throat for the 4th time in one year, and would sit with me in silence when I found out that my high school boyfriend had decided to move on, and they knew that there was just nothing left to say. A group of girls that would road trip to New Orleans together, drive home from Chapel Hill in the middle of the night and swim across a rock quarry in the pouring rain. Girls that would be with me through a lot of unbelievably fun times, and a lot of really hard times, too.

Now, five years since leaving college, things are different, more complicated. There’s husbands, boyfriends, jobs, money—grown-up things that get in the way of us seeing each other on a regular basis. But when we do meet up, like we did this past weekend, it’s always perfect, and I come back to my day-to-day life feeling so fortunate to have such amazing girls (I can’t bring myself to refer to us as “women”) in my life and in my memories.

Most of all, I’m glad to see that, after almost nine years, not too much has changed. Laura still attracts boys with the simple bat of her eyelashes. Meg is still as funny and quirky as ever, with legs that seem to grow longer every day. Mandy’s eyes still get a little lazy when she drinks, and the boys still feel a little pang of disappointment when she breaks the news that she has a (great) boyfriend. And Tina, my little social butterfly, is so devastatingly beautiful that guys can’t even function in her presence. It’s kind of pathetic, but also kind of awe-inspiring. Must be nice, T. Must be nice.

So, here’s to us, my Gator girls. I love you more than Pita Pit...and we all know that's a lot.

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Amanda said...

Thanks, my love. I love you more than Leonardos & Tijuana Flats...