one sweet day

Today started off rough.

I woke up to the sound of rain, which meant that 7:30 am felt more like 4:30 am. It was dark…and my fan was blowing softly…and Winnie was curled up next to me like the magnificent spooner that she is. Needless to say, I wanted to chuck my alarm clock out the window, curl up in a ball and hide under my down comforter all day.

But, when you’re kind of a big deal (read: not a big deal at all), it’s important that you show up for work, so I dragged myself out of bed, turned the TV on to TBS and hopped in the shower. TBS, you say? Yep, while most of you get ready in the morning with the Today Show or CNN playing in the background, I prefer to get ready to the sound of Saved by the Bell. Think about it: Because I know every single word to every single show, it’s easy for me to keep track of time just by listening to all of the Bayside shenanigans from my bathroom. Zack comes up with the idea to make some extra cash by turning the video yearbook into a dating tape — I must have a good 25 minutes left. The girls are on to him and have recruited Screech and Slater to help get him back — probably about ten minutes to spare. Zack gets Screech to play a tape for the gang where he apologizes and announces that he’s used the money from the dating tape to order video yearbooks for the whole senior class — time to go!

AnyBelding…..so, I’m about to walk out the door when Anson calls to let me know that he’s driven the whole way to Fredericksburg (about 50 minutes away, and where he’s currently working in an urgent care clinic for school) with my car keys. Now, to some people this may have been the cherry on top of an already miserable morning, but for me it meant a free hour to sit on the couch, check my e-mail and listen to Dr. Oz as he introduced me to the wonderful world of flesh-eating bacteria. Delightful.

Once Anson showed up with my keys (another nice treat to see your husband in the middle of the morning), I was off to work for my favorite day of the week: Cookie Wednesday. You see, a few months back, my co-worker Rachel (she is the darling one) came up with the idea to bring in cookies every Wednesday for our editorial staff to enjoy. We’ve had ginger cookies, ice cream-cookie sandwiches, easy-bake cookies from the toaster oven (which turned out to be not so “easy”) and the mother of all baked goods, Paula Dean’s chocolate…pecan…(wait for it)….cheesecake bars. Hells yeah. Snaps to you, Whitney!

Well, today was my day to bring the cookies, but I decided to switch it up a bit and bring Funfetti cupcakes instead because, let’s face it, every girl has officially jumped on the cupcake bandwagon...and it’s all I had in my cabinet last night when I remembered it was my week to bring cookies. Doh!

But, in the end, the cupcakes were a hit. Rachel even went so far as to write an ode to them:

I heart funfetti cupcakes
Full of surprises
Bursts of rainbows in my mouth

That’s right. We’re editors. We email poems for fun.

And now, my dears, the workday has come to an end and it’s time to go home to American Idol results (I love you, Kris) and sweatpants. Not a bad Wednesday after all. I hope yours was equally sweet.


Anonymous said...

Two things: 1 - I also watch SBTB on TBS as I get ready. My day wouldn't be the same without it!
2- Every time I see Kris Allen, I think of Anson. They are twins in my mind :)

oh, actually 3 things- funfetti might be jason's favorite thing of life (besides me and chaplin, of course).


Clare said...

Back when I had illegal free cable, I too used to love watching SBTB while getting ready. In fact, that's what inspired me to start the Saved by the Bell Blog. Ah, for the good old days when I had so little to do at work that I could spend an hour or two blogging about SBTB.

Thanks for the cupcakes! I promise, I will be back in homemade-cookie form for my next turn at Cookie Wednesday.