Dear Internet...

I don’t know how many of you are reading this, but my guess is about seven. And for you seven, I’m very thankful. Let’s be honest, even just a handful of readers makes a blog dedicated to nothing more than baked goods, Tim Tebow and links to much better blogs seem a little less pathetic, don’t you think? I thought so.

Anyway, I know there are a few of you out there, so I wanted to apologize for neglecting this blog for the last few days, er, weeks. Really, it’s no way to treat my adorable little page of pinkness. But for someone who typically spends her nights and weekends on the couch eating peanut butter by the spoonful, these last few weeks have been pretty crazy. And by “crazy,” I mean what all of you with real lives probably experience on a regular basis.

First, there was Martine’s lovely bridal shower. Yes, there were signature cocktails, and games and the most delicious food ever (Martine and her mother are truly domestic goddesses), but the most darling part of the day was the bride-to-be herself.

Seriously Marti, enough with perfection already! It’s driving the rest of us to drinking mass amounts of tequila and hugging blow-up Corona bottles for comfort.

The next weekend, we were off to Orlando for a whirlwind weekend of Disney World, Anson’s 27th birthday celebration and Katie & Jason’s fairytale wedding...

Kevin, Mandy, Sara, me & Ans after the ceremony.

This is the only pic we got of Katie in her dress. Um, gorgeous, party of one, your table is now available.

We drank beers by the pool, watched fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, ate Steak & Shake, sang late into the night with Mark & Lorna, Winter P
ark’s finest lounge singers. But really, the best part of the weekend was this:

Our totally sweet rental car: the Kia Rondo! Seriously, just in case we didn’t already feel like the old couple to Mandy & Kevin’s puppy love, this mini van-slash-SUV-slash-station wagon sealed the deal. Oy.

After getting back, it was time to celebrate the littlest Scott brother, Luke’s, long-awaited 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photographic evidence of this milestone, but trust me when I say that's a good thing. We dined at Chantilly’s finest eating establishment, Anita’s, and had a keg party at Casa de Scott, which was funded by my 79-year-old grandmother. Pretty standard really.

Luke, last summer, before he ever tasted alcohol.

Next it was on to Music City for a press tour. Sure, this trip was technically for work, but it was pretty awesome. I may just have to move there and live amongst the country music stars. I wouldn’t mind running into Keith Urban and Tim McGraw in the grocery store. Yes please.

So……next stop: ANSON’S GRADUATION!!!! Praise the lord and pass the paycheck, please. Ok, ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, I know. So, Anson’s not technically done with school yet, but he did have a graduation. And
it was so nice. And I was so proud. And he looked so handsome all dressed up. Seriously, how lucky am I?

Oh boys. You're going to miss each other, aren't you?

At the fancy celebration dinner with Jim & J.

On a downer note, because of the craziness, I did have to miss Liz & Clint’s wedding, but my sources have told me that it was quite the shindig. Honestly, I have no doubt it was perfect. Liz, if you’re reading this and have decided to be my 8th reader, I’m so happy for you. Welcome to the “Most Boring Last Names on the Face of the Earth” club, Mrs. Jones.

So girls, that about wraps up these last few weeks. I promise to be back to blogging this week, especially since the Bachelorette begins tonight and the American Idol showdown is tomorrow...

This is where I send a little shout out to the dreamiest dreamboat in all the land, Kris Allen. I mean, really? It’s borderline ridiculous how effing cute this kid is, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s taking that spikey-haired sweetness and using it to defeat the Lord of Crotch-Clinging Pants. In the battle of high-pitched screaming versus acoustic ear candy, I hope Kris comes out victorious. Oh, I can't wait.


lb817 said...

You are awesome.

Kristin said...

Long live Kris. And, damnit that we don't live in the same city, because I would raid your closet on a regular basis. Loving the yellow J. Crew cardi with the bright rhubarb (?) skirt! I will be squealing on my couch and thinking of you tonight during AI.

Newly Nalevanko said...

great post! agreed with lor, you are awesome, life seems pretty awesome too! (my profound comment)