searching for bradley cooper

In the wee small hours of the morning on June 4th, I hopped on a plane and traveled west to attend the always-adorable Martine’s bachelorette soiree. That’s right, ladies — Sara Brown (the girl who rarely leaves her apartment on the weekends for fear of missing “The Wedding Date” on TBS) packed her bags and headed to Las Vegas to spend three glorious days amongst the somewhat slutty-slash-spectacular people.

The entire trip was amazing, right down to our hotel, which was, in a word, SWANK.
Seriously, I felt like Elly May Clampett walking into that posh paradise. The rest of the weekend was spent proudly telling anyone that would listen that we were staying at (wait for it) The Encore. Trust me, people were mad jealous. I mean, what? So, we’re staying in the fanciest hotel in all the land....no big whoop.

Every day and every night in Vegas was unbelievable, but Saturday, our last evening there, really took the cake. Honestly, the only thing that could have made it better would’ve been running into Bradley Cooper….in our 5-person bathtub….drunk....with a tiger. I’m just sayin’.

The night started off harmless enough. Lounging at Tao. VIP style. Duh.

Oh hey girls. It's cool—I'll just take the pic.I don't think my self esteem could handle posing between these three.

After we got kicked out of Tao (did I say that?), we headed to XS where we ran into this kind sir whose last name was Moss. Martine's new last name is going to be Moss. Can you say Bachelorette Party jackpot?!?

Lorrie, where are you? We need you.

After a little while spent go-go dancing at da club, we decided we needed to cab it over to the Hard Rock to gamble at 3 am, vodka tonics in tow. It's normal.

Then, as the sun was starting to come it, late-night food at the fine dining establishment, The Peppermill, sounded like a good idea. Wow, this menu was so stellar, we just couldn't decide what to get.

Seriously, it was an awesome night...one that I'll sort of remember for the rest of my life.


KTorg said...

Yeah... I would take Bradley Cooper in the tub with the tiger too. Just don't tell Mike ;-) Mike Boyd that is, not Mike Tyson.

Newly Nalevanko said...