simple pleasure: nick pitera

Happy hump day, chickadees! I'm back from my Caribbean vacay, which means I have lots of pics to share. Unfortunately, this also means that I have 65,783 things to catch up on at work (remember, I'm kind of a big deal), so I don't have time to post everything just yet. I'm on it, though. I promise.

In the mean time, please accept this small gift from me to you. It's a video, which was first shown to me by my brother Luke last week. I'm not going to share much about this guy, but I will tell you I've now watched every single one of his videos. Obsessed? Perhaps. He's a little bit funny....a little bit amazing.....totally entertaining. Just watch.
1:01 is where it gets good...


Kristin said...

I miss your blogs. Come back. :)

Sara Brown said...

Workin' on it. I promise:) xoxo