Dear Meg Ryan...

I'm in love with you.

Ok, not so much the real-life you, with your over-injected lips and much-too-long-for-your-age hairdo, but the You've Got Mail you. Every girl reading this knows exactly what I'm talking about, although their feelings on the topic may not (understandably) be quite as strong as mine are. What's that you say? Not all girls have lady crushes on fictional romantic comedy characters? Nonsense.

You, in your tights and cardigans and your adorable (although completely unrealistic) Upper West Side apartment. You, with your Christmas ornaments and mugs of tea and obsession with "bouquets of sharpened pencils".....oh Miss Meg. I do so adore you.

Which is why I plan on visiting this charming little establishment when I'm in New York for one fabulous fall day next week. Yep, it's the precious little childrens' bookstore that was the inspiration behind this precious little childrens' bookstore from the movie:

Ah, I'm dying just thinking about it. Thankfully, now that I'm officially knocked up, I won't be a danger to the children who I'd normally try to lure into my oversized Longchamp bag and take off with down the street. I kid. I kid. (Not really.)

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Newly Nalevanko said...

i love this movie! it's the type of movie that could play on tbs five times in one weekend, and i would watch every single time!!