Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

For a couple of weeks now, I've been telling Anson that I can feel little Buster (temporary name, go with it for now) moving around quite a bit in this ever-expanding belly of mine. Night and day, I'd feel little flutters and wiggles, but when I'd tell my dear husband about how Buster was having a dance party at 3 am the night before, he'd kind of look at me as if I'd gone completely bananas. "Sure, sure, Sara," is what his rolling eyes would say. "Didn't the doc tell you you're supposed to lay off the crack while you're preggo? Seriously babe, hardcore drugs aren't good for fetuses."

But I'm proud to say that this weekend I showed him. After polishing off a heavenly dessert of Magnolia Bakery cupcakes on Sunday night, I sprawled out on our hotel room bed and waited for the big show to begin. Sure enough, not 2 minutes later did Buster start busting out his best moves. (I seriously picture him doing the "Soldier Boy" dance in there.) I was quietly enjoying his nightly aerobics routine when WHAM! Seriously ladies, Kung Fu chop to the pelvis is putting it mildly. I know, I know, this little babe doesn't even weigh a full pound yet, but he's got guns. Or maybe he's practicing his roundhouse kick a la Chuck Norris. Either way, whoa baby—this kid's got some serious energy. So glad my uterine wall can serve as his personal punching bag. Anything for you, sugar.

The best part, though: Anson got to feel it this time. Take that, skeptical husband of mine. Much to your surprise, sweetie, there actually is a baby in there. And he's got moves. And he knows how to use them.


lb817 said...

Oh how I adore you two (ahem, make that three) Brownies.

Jessie Spalding said...

isn't that the coolest thing?! that's so exciting anson got to feel the kicks!!

sbrown237 said...

That is so awesome for you and Anson! When Evan, Connor and Kathryn were in utero, I always said they braced themselves with their wobbly little arms and legs when I (we) were passengers in the car with Bill!