hero dress

Lor, this post is totally for you. I mean, how would our Royal Heiness of Fabulosity, Rachel Zoe, feel about this sequin maternity dress from Topshop?

Can you say "B-A-N-A-N-A-S"?!?!?

Sure, sure, it's made for a Kate Moss-sized preggo person (translation: not human), but I'm kind of loving it as I sit here in my drawstring pants, housing an entire loaf of banana bread. Seriously, some fierce mama is going to be shutting it down in this dress this holiday season. Die.


lb817 said...

Um, can you say holiday parties here you come?! We could get you your own personal Brad to fit you into that jewel of the fashion gods. It's beyond.

Jessie Spalding said...

it would be a fabulous dress for casey's wedding.
i'm just sayin...