a little love note on new year's eve

Dear Sam,

I remember June, crawling back into bed with tears in my eyes to tell your dad about you - and worrying all night long that I'd fed you too much tequila the weekend before. (Vegas is really no place for a embryo.) I remember PA school graduation in August, listening to the crying baby sitting behind me and thinking to myself "How am I ever going to handle this?" I remember September 18th, when we found out that, despite what I had been telling myself for months, we were having a baby boy. I was so happy. I remember the fall, thinking about the upcoming holidays, standing in my underwear in the Pea in the Pod dressing room, trying to figure out how I was ever going to find a dress made from enough fabric to cover what could no longer be referred to as a "bump." Let's just say it's a good thing your auntie Lorrie was there to pull me out of that hole. (Once you arrive, you'll soon realize that auntie Lorrie pulls momma out of these holes on a regular basis. She's an angel that way.)

And here we are now, with Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us - the day before your birth year begins! The only thing that stands between us now, sugar, is a few more weeks of stomach stretching, topped off with a couple inevitable meltdowns on my part. Really, where has the time gone?

It feels like just yesterday that your crazy parents were stumbling into a cab on New Year's eve, telling the driver to take us to "the most expensive hotel in the city!" After all, we were in love and engaged, and we couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate. It's safe to say that tonight, four years later, we're spending the evening a little differently (take out, college football and a bourbon and Diet Coke for your ol' daddy-o), but don't for one second think that this means we're celebrating any less. In fact, we couldn't be more excited...and thankful...and bursting-at-the-seams happy as we head into this new year and new stage of our lives. As your Nanny would say, we've had our love story together and now it's time to start a new story with you. Sure, it's all a little scary and we're sure to mess up a couple thousand times, but one thing's for certain - life's about to become a million times better.

I can't wait to meet you,


Kristin said...

That made me tear up. :) So happy for you!!!! Sam is a lucky little guy.

The Geary's said...

Really, Sara! Now you made ME cry.

Katie Farmand said...

I love you, Sara Brown. And guess what, Sam? I already love you, too! (Oh, and did I mention I love Anson?) Nothin but adoration for the Brown 3. XO Happy 2010!

Newly Nalevanko said...

Oh Sar, I thought I get through it, but paragraph three sent me into waterworks. You looked amazing yesterday! So excited for little Sam's arrival next month!

sbrown237 said...

Oh Sara! That is the sweetest letter ever. Sam is so lucky to have you and Anson as his parents! The three of you will work through any stumbling blocks that come your way. I'm confident Sam will be cutest, smartest, most loved baby in the whole world!!