it's a wonderful life

Remember that episode of Sex & the City where the ladies share their SSB (secret single behavior)? Miranda spends her evenings watching QVC, while Carrie eats Saltines and jelly while standing up in her kitchen — yeah, you remember. Anyway, much like the Manolo-donning single gals of the big city, my time sans husband is pretty awesome, too. Seriously, when Anson works nights, life gets exponentially cooler. I mean, really, the excitement is almost too much to handle.

First, I spend some time photo shooting Miss Cooper before explaining to her that her center-of-attention days are numbered. I think she looks like she grasps the concept of a baby, don't you?

Then I pour myself a mug full of M&Ms, you know, 'cause that's normal.

And then for the height of coolness: I start seeing what I can balance on my stomach. And then I take pictures. What?

To top off the evening, I typically spend some time in my cozy little living room, snacking on Tums and swooning over my precious Christmas tree.

All sarcasm aside, I know that I'll soon have to abandon my crazy nightlife for an actual crazy nightlife, but I welcome the challenge. That, and a nightlife where fish-oil supplements can be replaced by mass amounts of sushi (and maybe a little sake) — oh, I welcome it all.

67 days, kiddo. Can't wait.

BTW, I understand that over the past few months this blog has become a full-out pregnancy blog. This may annoy some of you (myself included), but I can't fight it anymore — I'm officially a full-out pregnant person. (Please see previous post for photographic evidence.)


lb817 said...

Ah, the tree makes an appearance! :) Love you so.

The Geary's said...

I loved balancing things on my belly! You and Ms. Winnie are too cute for words.

Newly Nalevanko said...

you know i could read about prego life all day long! so keep it coming, momma!

*the tree lights are perfection!

Kristin said...

I heart your old school Christmas lights. :) xoxo