15 days and counting.

As some of you may recall, last year I wrote this little tribute to February which, at the time, was my least favorite month by a long shot. The holidays are over, the weather is at its all-time dreariness and, if you're blessed with transluscent skin like me, you're about to enter into prime pasty-face season, friends. Yeah, I could definitely do without February. That is, until now.

It's true, I've been looking forward to nothing more than February's arrival for the last 8 months. And yet, now that it's one day away, I'm freaking out a little bit. This tends to happen on nights when Anson's working and I'm home by myself, left to browse BabyCenter.com for hours on end and Google phrases like "I feel like I'm carrying a brick in my pelvis." I kid you not, people. Seriously crazy lady, step away from the computer and grab another donette.

Anyway....so yeah, I'm reading about pregnancy-induced hot flashes (sexy, I know), when I realize I am having a baby soon. Because apparently the rack of bottles on my kitchen counter and my oh-so attractive sausage fingers hadn't made that fact clear enough. It's not necessarily a bad fear that I'm experiencing as I sit here frantically shoving Frosted Mini Wheats down my throat. It's just intense. The fear of having no idea what to expect, and knowing that nothing I read or Google is going to really prepare me for what's about to go down.

So for now I'm going to lay off the baby message boards. Just until the anxiety subsides and the crazy has left the building. Something tells me this won't be happening for roughly 15 more days, though. Or earlier. Oh god.


The Geary's said...

While it is true nothing prepares you for this new beginning, I assure you that you will be great! You have it in you Momma Brown and you will be a fantastic parent from the get go:-)

Jessie Spalding said...

omg i was OBSESSED with babycenter.com. the peeps on there can be a little crazy though. the last few weeks before BE came I would read birth stories every day. It made me get more and more excited (plus they were all super positive so it helped calme me).

You are so close!!

goodmangood said...