hair hearting

I know, I know. I've long been a self-proclaimed Reese lover. And when I say "lover," I mean I try to copy everything about her look, right down to her hair. (Did anyone see her at the Golden Globes, by the way? Perfection.) But with motherhood right around the corner (OMGWTF!), I'm looking for a softer, simpler style. Enter Rachel McAdams and her layered banged do. I die.

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Clare said...

Sara, this would look too cute on you! But...since Reese is a mom and Rachel is not, wouldn't you figure that Reese would have the more mom-friendly 'do? Then again, that logic does not take into account the fact that celebrities have a) stylists to do their hair, and b) nannies to watch their kids while the stylists do their hair. If only all of us could be so lucky...sigh.