two of a kind

Oh, Michael Phelps. I think we need to be friends, sir. I mean, look at how much we have in common these days. First of all, you've been known to consume 12,000 calories a day during training season, while I've been known to consume 12,000 calories a day during baby-cooking season. I mean, swimming 80,000 meters in an afternoon and soaking in a bath while housing a bag of Cheetos is pretty much the same thing, right? Right.

Also, you've often been compared to sleek, speedy aquatic creatures, while I've recently developed a striking resemblance to the Beluga Whale (pasty white and weighing in at a dainty 1,500 pounds). Belugas really are the most attractive breed of whale, don't you think? I thought so.

And now Phelpsie (that's my nickname for you, btw), we live just a few blocks from each other in Baltimore! How lucky for us! So, really, let's hang out. Rumor has it you frequent the local Panera and I've been known to suck down some baked potato soup at all hours of the day, so that's convenient. Or maybe we should just get together to compare abs...what do you think?


The Geary's said...

Ummm...unless you put on 100 lbs since Saturday, I am going to say you are CRAZY! You look phenomenal. Eat away because you wear pregnancy well:-)
That being said, please befriend Phelpsie because that would be cool!

Rachel said...

Phelpsie could baby sit Sam and teach him about bong hits!