wink wink, nudge nudge

Dear baby,

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today, which means that you are officially full term - hooray! I know you're just a little baby boy, so let me explain what this means: You can come out any time now. Like, maybe now. How about now? Ready....set....NOW!

Whenever you're ready, baby, I'll be here. Can't wait.



Katie Farmand said...

Eeeeee! (That's me, squealing with excitement.) I am so excited! Puh-leeeease make sure someone calls or emails or SOMEthing when the big day comes. I can't wait.


Janet Scott said...

I'm so excited I dream at least a little bit every night about your baby. Sometimes he looks like a newborn clone of Anson with his hands in little fists and a "I'm such a good boy" look on his face. Other times he's a chub-chub toddler with white blonde hair and a good representation of little boy freckles. But the most memorable was the baby named Veda Brown........ and she was a girl! Yikes!! Love you angel. I'm ready too!