here's to you...

It was about two years ago now that one of my best friends, Katie, decided to up and move to the city that never sleeps. I can admit now that I was a wee bit envious of her at the time, and, of course, incredibly proud of the life move she was making. More than anything, though, I was a tiny bit heartbroken to see her go. So, per usual, I wrote her a little poem in lieu of getting all weepy and latching on to her ankles in protest. (What can I say? I wasn't pregnant then, but I still had the capability to transform into a hot mess at the drop of a hat.)

Anyway...after searching through old emails, I came across that poem today and thought I'd share a little nibble:

So here's to our Katie, and the next couple years,
So raise up your saki or wine or your beer.
This weekend she'll move, we know it's not far,
But don't think we won't be chained to the outside of your car.

She'll soon be neighbors with Jennifer Garner and Tim Gunn,
Just walking down her street will be all kinds of fun.
Sipping on Starbucks when the weather gets chilly,
And spending her time with her soul mate, Miss Jilly.

But the distance is short and we won't be far away,
We've already planned visits for March, April and May.
After years with you here it will be hard to live without,
Good thing you invested in that Costco pull-out.

When we all leave tonight, we'll already miss you,
But we can't wait to see all the things that you'll do.
And remember there's always the Chinatown bus,
And no matter the distance, you'll always have us.

So Kate, on your 28th birthday, I hope you'll be out painting the town in the city that has brought you so much happiness. And tomorrow you'll be back...with your DC fan club (I'm the prez, btw)...toasting you and your upcoming year - something tells me it's going to be a good one!

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