a little love note on your 30th day.

Dear Sam,

On Saturday we celebrated your one month birthday. And by "celebrated" I mean I gave your big chubby cheeks a kiss and whispered in your ear, "Happy birthday, bugaboo." Yep - we go all out around here...

Anyway, I'm sitting here typing this as you lie sleeping in your little lamb chair, which you've grown to love so much. This, sweet boy, has been one of the crowning achievements of our first month with you: getting you to sleep without someone holding you. I mean, I understand why you'd want to spend all of your time in the arms of your rockstar parents, but it's just not practical, sugar. A girl's gotta shower.

Back to sleeping...I spend most of my days watching you do just that. I stare at your darling face and try to keep from laughing as your eyes roll from side to side, eyelids fluttering, while your lips go from smiling into a dead-on Blue Steel pose. (Seriously, take that, Stiller.) Then I spend a good amount of time trying to restrain your arms in an effort to keep you from smacking yourself in the face repeatedly. We try to swaddle you as much as possible, but sometimes you just won't have it, and you show your disapproval by holding your breath and grunting as hard as you can until your face turns a lovely shade of "If you don't get me out of this straight jacket I'm gonna go gladiator on your ass!" purple. It's really quite the routine.

Once you're finally asleep and relaxed into a bundle of baby goodness, it takes all I have not to start nibbling on your tiny fingers and toes and neck rolls. Oh hell, who am I kidding?!? Sometimes I just can't help myself and my appetite for baby limbs takes over. And so the whole process begins again...

Along with the ongoing challenge of sleeping, this month has presented us with many surprises about you, Sam, starting with your Speedy Gonzales-style birth. Seriously boy, it was as if you knew your mom was willing you not to be born on Valentine's Day (gag me), so you rose to the occasion and showed up the night before. First born baby...such a pleaser. And boy, in the event that I form a case of selective memory in the future, let it be said that the day you were born was, hands down, the best day of my life. Don't you ever forget it.

The biggest surprise, though: you're officially a GINGER! My friends and I have joked about this possibility for years and now here you are, my little Conan O'Brien look alike. Work that orange hair, Sammy.

Really, though, this entire month has been 100% dedicated to loving on you nonstop and now I can't wait to see what this next month brings. I can't wait to hear more of your coos and to see more of your early morning stretch routine, which really looks like quite the workout for a tiny baby boy. Your dad and I love you more than you could ever know or I could've ever imagined...something you won't really understand until you have a child of your own one day. Until then, I'll just keep telling you how much I love you...that is until you're old enough to be embarassed of me. And then I'll just keep telling you anyway.



Newly Nalevanko said...

I loved this post, and i LOVE that you have a ginger child.

Maybe little Sam will fall in love with Ashley & Micheal's ginger daughter :)

順其自然的嚕 said...
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