what a difference a year makes.

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo.

That's right, friends - even though I spend 23 out of 24 hours a day carting around a tiny human, which has officially led to a permanent sway-slash-bounce to my step, I still keep up on current events and observed holidays. Oil spill. Tennessee flood. Erin Andrews v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Cinco de Mayo. Booyah!

With that said, knowing that it's national drink-your-face-off day and actually partaking in the festivities are two very different things. And when you have a 3-month-old, strapping on the Baby Bjorn and heading out to the bar can be a little - how do you say? - not okay. And sure, you could stay at home on your couch and down margaritas all night, but let's be honest, I have the tolerance of a 9-year-old right now. Long story short, my Wednesday night consisted of American Idol results (hasta la vista, Aaron!) and a cold Fresca sans tequila. I also spent a good 15 minutes torturing my baby in the bathtub, which, come to think of it, would have been a much more enjoyable experience for both parties had there been alcohol involved. Hmmm. Note to self.

Yep, my life is a bit different than it used to be and that's cool, but I'm going to be honest: When you have a baby, a part of you definitely mourns for your past life. Now don't get me wrong - in no way am I implying that you'd trade your new bambino for beer buckets and late-night Pita Pit. But what I am saying is that you do have those moments, as a couple, where you kind of smile at each other as if to say, "This is our life now. And I'm okay with it. But, man, do you ever miss the possibility of happy hour? Or maybe a trip to the mall without pushing around 118 pounds of baby gear? What's that you say?!? You'd gladly grow a third nipple for the chance to sleep in past 6:30 am! Oh, good. I'm not the only one."

So, fiesta? Not so much. Siesta? Yes, please. At least for now. But who knows, maybe next year we'll head out on the town and let Sam celebrate his first Cinco de Mayo by stuffing tortilla chips in his diaper. Or maybe we'll just stay home like we always do. And that will be okay, too.


Si Si said...

Mark your calendar right now for date night or even just Happy Hour at the corner pub. May 20th! I'll perfect the sway hip movement and even attempt the bath!!! Hang in there Sara - on my way!!

Marden Family said...

I So get this:) Hope you had a wonderful first mother's day! Here's to lots of fried chips and tequilla next year...maybe... :)