six weeks in pictures.

It's only been two days and I'm already falling back on pictures of Sam. Something tells me you guys don't mind, though...

Penn State graduation 2K10. You can't tell from this picture, but we're in a bar. With a baby.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Gingers unite.

Just chillin' in my Bumbo. Surrounded by bananas and lemons. It's normal.

Coveting my lean physique? It's all about the rice cereal. And lots of it.


lb817 said...

AHH!! Lemons and bananas. Oh Sam - your auntie is dying over here.

The Geary's said...

Really? The one in the Bumbo makes me want to die with cute overload! LOVE him!

Si Si said...

Yay! These pics are darling! He must really like the rice cereal!! Can't wait to see him ( and you and Anson) next week!!