wild thing, I think I love you.

There's not much in my life these days that takes me away from Sam. Day in, day out, we're together, literally attached at the hip. And I'm fine with that. In fact, I'm kind of in love with him, so it's more than fine. It's downright wonderful.

But, last week, in celebration of Martine's 28th birthday, I had not other choice but to ditch the kid. What could cause me to toss my precious offspring and take off running - nay sprinting - to be the first person in a line of boy-crazed teenagers, you say?



Now, let me explain myself before anyone goes all "You're a grown woman! And a mother! And Taylor Lautner is, like, 8! Go back to your cougar den, cougar!" on my ass. Let me explain...

First of all, clothed photos of Taylor Lautner are no where to be found on the Internet. You all know this is true, so zip it.

Secondly, although I am a loyal member of Team Jacob, I do not, under any circumstances, find pleasure in his shirtless escapades. Just ask, Martine, who watched me awkwardly squirm in my seat every time Jacob came on the screen in nothing but a pair of cut-off jean shorts (oh yeah) and a smile. Seriously, women twice my age were actually fist pumping and fanning themselves each time this happpened (about 73 times in the span of 124 minutes), which was simultaneously hilarious and borderline innappropriate. I, on the other hand, was kind of shielding my eyes. What can I say? I'm kind of a prude when it comes to half-naked 16-year-olds.

But I do still love him. What a persistent little wolf he is.

Anyway... this movie was awesome. Ridiculous? Of course. But awesome nonetheless. I mean, who doesn't love a good flick packed with distracting colored contacts, vampires being ripped limb from limb and, of course, Dakota Fanning? I know a few lovelies who enjoyed themselves...


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Newly Nalevanko said...

...and I would do it again for any one of you!