baby, it's cold outside.

My darling Sam,

Although the weather has been unseasonably warm over the last few days, the forecast is calling for dropping temps come the end of the week. Which got me to thinking ... we really must get your snow hat out of storage, don't you think?

Always looking out for your best interest,



The Geary's said...

This post made me think of the hat your mama knitted for him that she gave at the shower. Remember using Connor as the model? Oh the hilarity:-)

Kristin said...

So cute. :) I bet it's cold up there, because it is CCCOOOOLLLLDDDD down here today. xo

Janet Scott said...

Button up your overcoat.
Take a nap at three.
Take good care of yourself.
You belong to me.

Nanny is knitting you another hat.....
Might be done by your birthday.
Hope it fits! xo