bye, bye baltimore.

So, we bought a house.

Yeah, it's a long story for a whole other blog post, but the point is that for the time being we are no longer renters. I wish I could say I was excited about this development, but to be honest, this whole house-purchasing process leaves me a bit queasy. Yeah, just give me a few weeks and I'm sure I'll be all "Paint swatches and wood blinds and duvet covers -- oh my!" But for now I'm just kind of nauseous 24/7.

But anyway, the real reason I'm posting is to give a great big "So long, Charm City!" to Baltimore. Now I'll be the first to admit that I was more than ready to -- how do I say this? -- get the hell out of there after our 12-month stay, but it was actually a really good year. We witnessed the craziest tricker treaters ever; watched fireworks from our doorstep on New Years Eve; spent many an evening at Patterson Park with Winnie Cooper; ate pizza on the pier; and lived through the most spectacular (and kind of scary) blizzard EVER. Oh, and we also had a baby. No big whoop.

But truly, the greatest gift we received from the great city of Baltimore, was the gift of the H&S Bakery Outlet Store, where we were first introduced to Berger Cookies. We later found out that you could actually find these delicious frosted treats at every gas station and grocery store from here to Philadelphia (honestly, they're even at the Giant in my mom's neighborhood in Virginia), but no matter -- as far as we're concerned, they're our little secret Fells Point delicacy. Forget the birth of our first-born child -- it's the gobs of chocolate icing that we'll be forever thankful for.

Berger Cookies, all dressed up for Martine's "Eclipse" birthday party.

Yeah, it was a good year. Thanks for the memories, Bank Street.


The Geary's said...

Ummm...CONGRATS on the house purchase:-) I can't wait for the details!!
As for those cookies, they are a favorite in The Geary casa, as well! Who needs black and white cookies when you can have the best part on one?

Newly Nalevanko said...

Congrats on the house, Sar! It was definitely the most challenging thing we've ever done. Consider it a second baby...enjoy all the fun steps that come with home ownership! ps. I look forward to more cookies in June 2011 for our annual movie date! ;)

Martine said...

Congratulations home owners! That's so exciting and we're so glad you're coming back to VA :) Can't wait to hear more about the house.