a few random thoughts.

I can't lie -- this "I'm going to blog everyday" thing is serious business. I mean, who has something clever and amusing to write about every day? Not this girl. As you all know, my days are filled with cheerios, sippy cups and episodes of Dinosaur Train -- not the most exciting blog fodder in the world.

So, in an effort to stick to my posting streak, here's my list of random thoughts for the day. Is this stupid? Definitely. Don't say I didn't warn you...

1. Are any of you watching this season of Dancing With the Stars? Ok, here's the thing: Typically, I'm 100% skeeved out by Derek Hough and his sneaky pete mustache, but this season it's his cougar partner, Jennifer Gray, that's giving me the heebie jeebies. I mean, lady, you're fifty years old, for crying out loud. I miss the Dirty Dancing version of JGray. Give me some short shorts, a bad nose, some gyrating and a little "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" and I'm a happy girl.

2. Tonight I went to the new Rustico in Ballston and it was delish. (The company wasn't half bad either.) Um, Cous Cous Carbonara? Yes, please.

3. I've decided on the paint and carpet colors for our new house: "Over the Taupe" and "Worldy Gray". Yes, you read that right. And yes, I'm not proud of my mind-numbingly boring choices.

4. My youngest brother, Luke, moved to New York City yesterday, which I think is completely awesome. Seriously, it was like something out of a movie: He literally packed a suitcase, walked out the door and hopped on the bus to the Big Apple, leaving the NOVA burbs in his dust. Luke, something tells me you're going to do big things. That is unless the California Raisins come to get you in your sleep. Or a wave of lava. Just sayin'.

5. Speaking of Luke, have you seen this blog? You're welcome, brother.

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