an introduction.

If you're like me, plagued with a chronic case of wanderlust but no funds or time to remedy the itch, you'll love this new blog from my best friend, Lorrie. Practically a professional traveler, Lorrie is always on the go -- one week she's soaking up the sun on an island off the west coast of Florida; the next she's riding high in Big Sky Country (that's Montana for you city slickers). Seriously, the girl is always on the move.

And now it looks like we're reaping the benefits from her non-stop schedule. Milestruck (um, awesome name, by the way) is dedicated to sharing her journeys, as well as what she's learned, loved and loathed along the way! Intrigued? You should be. Plus, if we're lucky, we might just get a few guest posts from her frequent-flyer BF, Jason. (Yes, he's awesome, too.)

And speaking of trips ... if any of you, my dear readers, will be traveling this holiday weekend, please be safe. And have fun. And eat like there's no tomorrow.

Just enjoy yourself, would ya? Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lorrie Belford said...

Oh thanks for the lovely shout out, bestie! Would not have been inspired without you.