a little love note on your 278th day.

Dear Sam,

This past Saturday was your 9-month birthday.

(Please give mom a moment while she collects herself. Just writing that opening sentence has turned her into a puddle of hot mess on the floor. Talk amongst yourselves.)

Anyway ... when you were a little babe, and spent many of your days sleeping and crying (and crying some more), people would tell us that it would get easier. Once you got bigger, they would say. Or maybe once you could sleep on your stomach. But when I was in the midst of one of your unhappy moments, I sometimes (ok, all the time) worried that I would feel out of my league forever.

But, just as the pros (and by "pros," I mean your grandparents) assured us, it did in fact get easier. And so much fun. Now I can barely keep up with you thanks to all the speed crawling, the cruising around the coffee table and the jumping, jumping, JUMPING! And, as of last night, it appears you've embraced a new-found love for professional wrestling. Seriously, give the kid some body oil and a folding chair and he'd be giving Macho Man Randy Savage a run for his money. (And yes, I did just make a reference to early 90's WWF wrestling. I have three brothers, ok? Oh, and I'm also old, I know.)

I just want to say, Sam, that I never wished any of those newborn days away, and now I even have those moments where I wish I could just pick you up in my arms and sway you to sleep like I used to. But now, oh Bugs, it really is a whole new level of wonderful. You, my sweet boy, make me so incredibly happy every single day. Me, and the ladies at Giant who kiss you and try to feed you deli meat and hard candy. Oh crazy Giant ladies, you and your blatant inappropriateness really make me chuckle.

I love you, my little bundle of copper-headed, blue-eyed, borderline-ADD joy.



The Geary's said...

As if this wasn't an emotional day for me already, you had to make me laugh and cry in one post!

Lorrie Belford said...

OMG. Hot mess at her desk - thank god everyone is gone for the day. You and Sam just made me so weepy. I love you guys.

Janet said...

My favorite part about these "love note" posts is that I know you now understand exactly how I have always felt about you..... middle school years and all. To this day my heart could burst! xo

Si Si said...

I too LOVE your "love note" posts..... Every stage seems better than the next... hmmm until about 15!! Loved seeing Sam in action last weekend and LOVE the pic!!!