a little reunion.

Today was a fun day. We spent the afternoon being grown-ups, hosting our favorite PA-school friends (plus lovely wives and darling baby) and eating a ridiculous amount of delicious food. The guys had a field day (like seriously, an elementary school-style field day) while the girls drank beers and stared at baby Lily. And Sam? Yeah, he sat in the corner, chewing on a Tupperware lid. So advanced.

And now a few pics from the day...

Oh hey, babies. You don't know this yet, but you're going to be taking this exact same picture for the rest of your lives. Good thing you love each other so much.

Ok, I apologize deeply for this photo. This is, in fact, my baby boy wearing a Boise State onesie. Please forgive me, Rochelle.

And moving on to much more important things...introducing the princess of preciousness, Miss Lily. Insert simultaneous "awwwwwww" here.

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Si Si said...

So excited to see a pic of Sam's girlfriend!! If things work out over the next, ummmmm, 25 years and they tie the knot, you will get to spend all your holidays together!!!