oh hey.

Well friends, it's 11:09 PM and I officially have nothing to say. I've thought about posting an outdated pic of Sam ... or a link to someone else's more clever blog ... or (wait for it) an old-school Color Me Badd music video ("All 4 Love," anyone?), but I know you'll just see through me and my lazy blogging ways.

So instead I'll just wish you a very happy and restful Saturday night, complete with an extra hour of sleep!

And since I've sparked your interest, check this out. Um, you're welcome.

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Janet Scott said...

Hey amazing friends of "simply sara." I am an eye witness to the life of your favorite blogger and all she accomplishes daily with a twenty pound bundle of cuteness clinging to her pant leg while smiling his two-toothed little grin. So charming, but so one hundred percent distracting! How she manages to blog at all impresses me a ton..... but not near as much as how wonderful she is as a mother to Sam impresses me. Hats off to you, angel. xo