silent night?

Ok parental units, I need your advice here. Jessie, Jenn, Courtenay -- I'm talkin' to you.

First, a little backstory:

So, about six weeks ago the Brown crew moved back into Casa de Scott. Yep, that's right, we're 28, we have a baby and a miniature pony for a dog, and we're living with my parents. What?

Anyway ... along with this move came a major upgrade for Sam in the bedroom department. I mean, first things first, he's got his own bathroom now -- a major must-have item for a 9 month old. Plus, he's no longer sleeping just steps away from a Baltimore alleyway. I mean, geez Louise, just the break from the 3 AM bar brawls and cat fights (literally, cats would fight to the death outside our apartment every night -- jealous?) should've led to long, peaceful, dream-filled baby slumbers, right?


As soon as we moved into my parents' quiet, dark and cozy house, my sweet little baby boy decided we had checked him into Crazytown and promptly turned into a middle-of-the-night hysterical fool. Honestly, I wake up almost every night to the sound of Sam screaming bloody murder, as if Freddy Krueger himself has snuck into his room and is now biting off each one of his baby fingers one at a time. Which, of course, makes me jump out of bed at the speed of light, panicked at the thought of my precious son having his baby fingers bitten off one at a time by Freddy Krueger himself. Really, it's not a pretty picture. I'm frantic. He's like freakin' exorcist baby.

Hot mess, party of two, your table is now available.

So, after a bit of online research (oh BabyCenter.com, how I've missed you and your addictive ways), I've discovered that some medical professionals refer to these pleasant little fits as "night terrors." Not so much a nightmare, these episodes are characterized by screaming (um, yes) and thrashing (mmm hmm). Plus, they say that although your child's eyes may be open, they are actually still sleeping. Sound disturbing? Um, yeah, it is.

So friends, any experience with this insanity? And if so, how long does it last? Please say not long. Momma needs a break from the crazy.


J. Trigiani said...

Taylor's had a few night terrors, but not nightly. One thing I'd recommend is a sound machine. We use a homedics model (bed bath and beyond) and we've never had any issues with her waking up unless she's sick or the one night terror. But she knows that as long as the sound machine is on, that it's night time. We also don't have any night lights in her room. She's a little ADD when it comes to that sort of thing. If the light is on, and she can see things, she wants to play instead of sleep. Of course, with Sam, it could be a matter of changing routines. He got use to one situation and then got thrown into another one. Hopefully once you guys get settled into your new home he'll get his routine back. Good luck!!

J. Trigiani said...

Forgot, when Taylor had her night terror, we took her out of her crib and brought her into our room (it was only 10 or so, we were still up). I think removing her from the situation sort of snapped her out of it. But then, of course, we kept thinking that maybe these were like sleep walkers where you shouldn't wake them. Oh well! She seems fine, apparently no damage was done.

The Geary's said...

Oh, bless both of your hearts! Connor has "woken up" screaming maybe once or twice, but promptly put himself back to sleep.
I don't have much in the way of suggestions. Does he sleep with any kind of sound machine? You could use that to drowned out his screaming (JK) You could also bring him to sleep here because I would love to get my hands on him.
Sorry, Momma:-(

Kristin said...

Sara, I hate to inform you of this but my 31 year old husband still does this. The kid can be insane in his sleep. He doesn't have night terrors that often, but sleep talking, walking to some extent, basically acting out his dreams. Oh, the stories I could tell you... might get a good blog audience from a few. lol
My advice - keep Sam away from the dark liquor... it makes it worse. ;)

Jessie Spalding said...

This has happened to Elliot a few times. Never, consecutively though. When it does happen I just go in and pat her back (I wait like 5 minutes before going in though to see if she self soothes first).

When you go in does he calm down and go back to bed?

If not, are you sure it's night terrors and not teething? Teething is like the bane of my existence and the only thing (aside from colds or sickness) that keeps Elliot up at nights on a consistent basis.

Jessie Spalding said...

btw, i remember 9 months was a real rough patch for sleeping and then 10-10.5 months brought utter sleeping bliss and it's been much, much better since then.