It seems as though I've fallen off the blogging wagon yet again. Way to go, Sara! Set a goal and abandon it after two weeks. Oh willpower, I know we've never been exactly close, but where are you when I need you?

Anyway ... things have been a bit busy around here with house stuff, and Thanksgiving stuff and, well, Sam, who has decided it's totally awesome to climb up my parents' sprawling curved staircase completely unsupervised. Um, excuse me sir, but may I remind you that you're 9 months old? Kindly shift yourself onto your bum and scoot back down the stairs safely, thank you. What's that? You'd rather launch yourself backward like a red-headed tree frog? Excellent idea. Go right ahead. Don't let me stop you.


So yes, when I say I've been busy, I've actually just been posted up at the bottom of my parents' staircase with my speed dial set to 911. And just when I thought my life lacked excitement...

Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying your short week before Thanksgiving. And I hope, for your sake, you watched Dancing With the Stars tonight. I know I hate on Jennifer Gray and her inappropriate boob exposure, but tonight's Dirty Dancing-inspired freestyle dance was AMAZEBALLS. I mean, the girl even rocked a cardigan and carried a watermelon for crying out loud.

So enjoyable.

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