O to the MG.

Calling all the single ladies! (All the single ladies!)

Imagine my surprise when I'm surfing through a few of my favorite websites this afternoon, and stumble across this -- a charming little Q&A featuring Rachel Machacek, an old co-worker of mine and my real-life girl crush! Seriously, the lady is beyond cool in a quirky, adorable, funny, laid-back kind of way. (The first week at my old job, she walked into the office in a "Mrs. Timberlake" t-shirt. Need I say more?) And now -- catch this -- she's predicted to become "the Bridget Jones of Washington" by the Washington Post.

Um, yeah. In case you haven't caught on yet, she's awesome.

So, if "read more books," or "get inspired," or just "give in to peer pressure" is on your list of New Year's resolutions, I strongly suggest you go out and buy her new book tomorrow.

That is all.

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KRIS.10.K said...

Yes!! Can't wait to pick up her book! I'm actually going to her book signing next Thursday @ Tryst b/c one of my girlfriends photographed her author pic & they have known each other forever. SO FUN! Maybe you'll be there??