a little love note on your 365th day.

It's my birthday. I do what I want.

Dear Sam,

Ever since I can remember, my dad ("Scotty" to you) has always rung in each and every one of our birthdays with one simple question: "What were we doing (enter age here) years ago on this day?" From there, he proceeds to share a few of the well-known details of our original birthdays. For example, on May 29, 1986, your uncle Mike was born the day we were moving into our house on Hidden Meadow Drive -- your Nanny was hell-bent on getting the keys to her new pad before heading to the hospital. And when I was born, Nanny and Scotty had spent the day at a barbecue in Tucson, grubbing on cheeseburgers -- something that would come back to haunt Nanny a few hours later.

Anyway, you get the idea. And while I now appreciate this little birthday tradition, I have to admit there were a few years there when I thought that Jim was a huge cheese ball for his annual dose of mushy nostalgia. I mean, who wants to talk about a day that none of us remember? Come on, Dad.

But now, with one year of motherhood under my belt (I'm an old pro, don't ya know), I see exactly why we were encouraged to take that walk down memory lane each and every year. You see, your parents aren't trying to force the details of your actual birth on you (that would be gross after all), they're just trying to some how, some way explain how much that day, your birthday, meant to them. Of course, that really could never be accomplished because, honestly, there are no words. But they're trying in their own way. And Sam, as it turns out, your dad and I are no different.

We thought you were going to be born on a Monday morning, but you decided to come two days early, smack in the middle of two feet of snow. I woke up that morning at 6 am to a few little pains in my stomach; nothing major, but enough to get me in the shower to shave my legs -- with all the "hot mess" action that was my appearance at the time, it was really the least I could do. After getting dressed (and a few little stomach cramps), your Dad decided he better make the trek out to Best Buy to buy that video camera we'd been putting off purchasing. I, on the other hand, grabbed a handful of Donettes and called your Nanny. I swear, before she even picked up the phone, she had hopped in the car -- grabbing Scotty on her way out the door -- and was speeding her way up 95 North to Baltimore. While everyone else started to panic ... and hurry ... and get excited around me, I turned on HGTV and sunk into the couch with Winnie. What was everyone getting so worked up about anyway? If this was a sign that the baby was on his way, we still had a long way to go. Trust me.

8 hours later you were here.

It was a hard day and, honestly, some of it was a bit of a blur for your mom. (I'll spare you the gory details.) But it was the best day I've ever had. Forget birthdays, forget engagements -- even weddings. Nothing could top the instant love I felt when I first saw you, Bugs. And now, your dad and I don't just talk about that day on your birthday -- we talk about it nearly every single day. Of course it's still pretty fresh in our minds, and surely as life gets busier and you get older, we'll have new memories to lie in bed and talk about at night. But for now, why not run through each and every messy moment of the day we met you, right? (Your dad was there; he remembers the gory details all too vividly.)

So Sam, as you grow, please try your best to humor your mother on your birthday when my face starts to twist and I inevitably start to tear up a bit at the thought of you getting bigger, and smarter and funnier. There's only so much I can handle, baby boy.

And, fortunately, your dad did make it to Best Buy that February morning, so we have this video, taken just 6 minutes after you were born. Enjoy the commentary. Turns out, just like his father-in-law, your dad is a cheese ball, too.

I love you forever,


katie said...

watching. crying. loving.
one year later and feeling like i'm seeing him for the first time. happy birthday, sweet boy. you are so LOVED. xxoo, k

Newly Nalevanko said...

Okay...I'm officially a mess after reading today's post and watching that video. Thank you for such a beautiful love story, Sar! I can't wait to see the bday photos.. bring on the orange!

Si Si said...

Ohhhhh that is sooo precious!! You and Ans certainly have a fun memory to cherish and share with Sam!! And for the record, I don't think it is cornball at all!!! xoxo

Kristin said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Sam. He is seriously one good looking kid. Loved this post... between you and Jenn, you should start a motherhood blog... wait, you both have blogs... well, you know what I mean. xo