searching for bryan voltaggio.

A few Saturdays back, I made the 1-hour drive up to Frederick, Maryland, with Anson, Mayela and my obsessed-with-all-things-cooking brother, Ben. Sure, we were going up to see our aunt and uncle, Jimmy & Lori, and their charming new row house in downtown Frederick, but really, let's be honest, we were really hoping to run into Bryan Voltaggio. And by "run into," I mean we had serious plans to stalk him at his place of business.

Ok, so I had plans to stalk him at his place of business.

Moving on.

Anyway, I have two words for you, friends: Mission. Accomplished. Yep, about three seconds after sitting down in his simple-yet-swanky restaurant, VOLT, Lori spotted him. And then I proceeded to hyperventilate a bit into my Longchamp bag. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good celebrity encounter.

And Top Chef badass sightings aside, the day was awesome. All of the food at VOLT is amazingly delicious, and it's all topped with edible foam! Yes, foam. Who knew bubbly air could taste so good? Bryan Voltaggio, apparently. I repeat, he's a badass.

Pork barbecue after a three-course meal? So necessary.


Newly Nalevanko said...

So Awesome! I need to eat here before I turn 30. Too bad the dinner reservation wait is one year...!!

The Gearys said...

Jealous that you guys saw him! I was totally stalking when we went, but he was at some event that night:-(