"no eating until you blog again."

The above quote was posted on my Facebook wall last week, courtesy of my brother, Luke. This just makes me laugh because, despite his waif-like appearance, the kid houses Tostitos queso dip and wing zings like it's going out of style. Oh little Lutey, you gave your sister a good chuckle with that one. Seriously, how's that "no eating" thing going for you? Not so good? You don't say.

Anyway...I know I'm a bad blogger. I'd like to think that I could really buckle down and devote some time and effort to this little blog, but other things seem to always be more important. You know, like watching the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" over and over again. I mean, really, as long as Bravo continues to air that train wreck on repeat, how can you resist? One word: UHHHHHmazing.

But seriously, this week I really did have more important things to tend to -- much more important things. Like, say, a certain ginger-head man's first birthday party! (Pause, Sara. Take a deep breath. Collect yourself.) Geezus, I always said I'd never be one of those nutso mothers who made a big fuss about their one-year-old's birthday and goes balls to the walls with a ridiculously large party. But, shock of shocks, I've turned into one of those nutso mothers who's making a big fuss about their one-year-old's birthday, and I'm currently going balls to the walls getting ready for his ridiculously large party.

(Don't judge, friends. Your time is coming.)

Anyway, I'll be sure to post pictures of the little orange-themed shindig just as soon as I get my hot mess of a self back together. Something tells me I'm going to be a big ball of mush by the end of this weekend. It's cool to cry while your baby boys eats his first birthday cupcake in front of 35 of your closest friends and family, right? I thought so.

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Si Si said...

So relieved Luke can consume food again - afraid he was going to waste away to nothing!!