sick day.

Oh friends, the Hot Mess Express is back in full effect, and has been parked outside my house all day today. This tends to happen when Sam has a not-so-great day, and today Sam was one sick puppy. Like "snot all over my face," "hacking up a lung," "I hate you, MOM!" sick. But while the kid apparently can't stand to look at me, he still wants me to hold him 24 hours a day while he screams -- such a joy, I can't even tell you.

So, because of all of the above information, I'm still in my pajamas at 8:34 PM. And my sweater is covered in liquid Tylenol that my darling angel spit all over me. And I haven't brushed my teeth yet today. Yet I'm sitting here blogging instead of tending to my personal-hygiene needs ..... hmmm. Per usual, I suppose I'm surrendering to the overall unfortunate situation that was my day today. I mean, really, why fight it?

Oh, and on another awesome note, I got a lovely not-so-subtle email from BabyCenter.com today. First of all, their emails to me are no longer titled "My Baby This Week." This morning, I turned on my Blackberry to find "My Toddler This Week" in my inbox. Um, can you say "dagger"?!? I mean, Sam may have resembled a head-spinning exorcist baby today, but he's still my baby. I mean, really, it's been two days. TWO DAYS! Must you knock me over the head with the whole "toddler" thing?

Pump the breaks, BabyCenter.com. Pump the breaks.

And then, on top of the whole "Your sweet little baby is about to toddle out of your life" thing, the subject of their email was (and I kid you not), "What Happened To Your Body?"


Now I haven't wanted to get into the whole "baby weight" thing on the blog because, let's face it, really what is there to say? You have a baby, your skin stretches to its limits and then -- shock of all shocks -- your body is a wee bit different than it used to be. But receiving an email titled "What Happened To Your Body" at 6:15 AM when you're wearing sweatpants covered in mashed up macaroni and cheese and baby mucus .... yeah, it's just not cool.

So, it's been an overall not-so-awesome day. But Glee did just air an amazeballs duo of Justin Bieber-inspired routines (American Apparel hoodies and all), so things are looking up.

Hope you guys enjoyed your Tuesday.


The Gearys said...

I love both of you and hope you feel better soon!!! XOXO

kate said...

Sar - the "What Happened to Your Body" line made me LOL seriously. UHHHmazing.