simple pleasure: sweet-as-sugar birthdays.

On Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Sam's first birthday with a small, intimate group of friends and family. And by "small" and "intimate," I mean 35 people. Although I felt a tad silly for hosting such a large shindig for such a little man, I have to admit, it was really fun. And it meant a lot to us that so many people came out to eat delicious (if I do say so myself) kid-inspired cuisine and celebrate the lil' ginger.

"Oh Grandma, what pretty hair you have. (No, but seriously, WTF is up with your hair?)"

"Geezus, Dad. Not while I'm eating!"

"Oh, auntie Lor, you know me so well. Sure, I have no idea what on earth this thing is, but it does have gators on it. And gators are my fave. (Don't tell my dad.)"


Katie Farmand said...

TOO CUTE. Happy birthday to Mr. Sam, and ahppy 1-year anniversary of being a mommy, Sar! Love you.

Newly Nalevanko said...

team orange!

Si Si said...

What a spectacular display of goodies for a spectacular one year old!! Love the photos - soo cute!!!