nine months later...

Well friends, nine months after our house-hunting extravaganza began, we're finally closing on our house. This afternoon. Like, in four hours.

Praise the lord, and pass the checkbook!

Per usual, I'm equally excited and nauseated by the whole process, but I'm happy that it's finally here. That we can finally use the gallons of paint we've had sitting in my parents' garage since November. That I can start clumsily navigating the ever-intimidating world of home decor. And that Sam can start stumbling and falling down the five (count it, FIVE) flights of stairs in our humble abode. (Seriously, what were we thinking?!?)

Anyway, stay tuned for lots of pictures, projects and what's sure to be frustrations as we get settled in the new Casa de Brown. Can one woman successfully turn 2,000 square feet of house into a heaping pile of hot mess?! I think 'yes'!


Kristin said...

Yes! So exciting. I remember your decorating skills a'la the ADPi house lovely triple rooms. I predict Casa Brown to be a smashing success in decor. :) xo

Lorrie Belford said...

Yahoo!!!! Can't wait for our next trip to Green Front :). Love u.

Si Si said...

9 MONTHS = Sam
9 MONTHS = First Home
Can't wait to see what the results of the next 9 month milestone are!!!
Congrats - Can't wait to see it in a few weeks!